Best Financial Etfs For This Market Slump – Etf News And Commentary –

Amid this backdrop, a handful of financial ETFs have shown strong resilience to the sharp downturn in the financial space and are easily crushing the broad market fund. This is especially true as investors flocked to some stocks in the wake of robust dividend payments. The financial sector topped the list of largest dividend payers in the second quarter after utilities with annual dividend growth of 17.6% . About 88.5% of the companies in the financial sector paid dividends in the first half. Below, we have highlighted three ETFs that are still in green and worth a look given that the current turmoil will likely continue in the days ahead. economy by tracking the Dow Jones U.S.

New Active Multi-Asset ETF to Ride Out Current Turmoil – ETF News And Commentary –

This is because the fund seeks to take advantage of the current trends by modifying the asset allocation based on a various market and economic factors. ETF Competition Though the multi asset space is not crowded, the new product still has various contenders. In particular, the ETF would face fierce competition from its own passively managed counterpart, Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund ( MDIV ). It is the most popular ETF in this category with AUM of $742.5 million. The fund holds 126 securities in its basket putting a greater focus on equities. It consists of stocks/depository receipts (25%), REITs (20%), preferred securities (20%), MLPs (20%), and ETFs (15%).

Waiting for a Dip With the Egypt ETF – Yahoo Finance

In June, Egypt dodged a demotion to frontier market status when index provider MSCI said it was no longer considering the North African nation for such a move. Following the substantial increase in Egyptian foreign currency reserves, MSCI also announced that this one it is no longer considering launching a public consultation on a potential exclusion of the MSCI Egypt Index from the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, said MSCI in a statement . Earlier this year, another index provider, Russell Investments, demoted Egypt to frontier status. The index provider will move Egypt to frontier status effective June 27, 2014. [Egypt Dodges Frontier Demotion] On the technical front the ETF looks expensive and its positive momentum has been fading away, although still trading above its three moving averages. The ETF has been in a strong rally mode since mid 2013.

SPDR® S&P Biotech ETF Receives Settlement Payment – Yahoo Finance

TAN includes a 4.8% weight in SPWR and KWT has 5.2% in SunPower. The solar industry has suffered through a two-year slump due to a global glut in supply. Consequently, the oversupply pushed down prices, causing greater competitiveness in the industry, forcing some to go bankrupt and bolstering demand. The cell and module glut has certainly dried up, Stefan de Haan, a solar analyst at IHS Inc., said in the article. There is no massive overcapacity anymore. The sector could install as much as 52 gigawatts this year and 61 gigawatts in 2015, compared to 40 gigawatts in 2013 and over seven times what developers demanded five years ago. Meanwhile, the solar industry has about 70 gigawatts of production capacity, which includes older equipment that is not profitable.

Solar ETFs: Demand Outpacing Supply for First Time Since 2006 – Yahoo Finance

* Assets under management include the assets of the SPDR Gold ETF (approximately $33 billion as of June 30, 2014), for which State Street Global Markets, LLC, an affiliate of SSGA, serves as the distribution agent. Note to Editors: SPDR Exchange Traded Funds SPDR ETFs are a comprehensive family spanning an array of international and domestic asset classes. SPDR ETFs provide professional investors with the flexibility to select investments that are precisely aligned to their investment strategy. Recognized as the industry pioneer, State Streetin partnership with the American Stock Exchangecreated the first ETF in 1993 (SPDR S&P 500 Ticker SPY). Since then, weve sustained our place as an industry innovator through the introduction of many ground-breaking products, including first-to-market successes with gold, international real estate, international fixed income and sector ETFs.


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