Obama Intervenes In Iraq: Lessons Learned From Benghazi And Rwanda – Yahoo News

This is a potential humanitarian catastrophe, and if we can prevent or mitigate it within a manageable level of risk which I think we can then we ought to do it, says Charles Dunlap, executive director of the Center on Law, Ethics, and National Security at Duke University in Durham, NC. Professor Dunlap, a former deputy judge advocate general of the US Air Force, says that while air strikes may not alter the strategic situation in Iraq there is much to be said for saving what lives we can today as we continue to work the larger issues. We dont to be witnesses to genocide. The air strikes Obama authorized are also within the presidents constitutional authority as commander-in-chief, Dunlap says and especially to the extent they are intended to protect American lives and American aircraft. The transport planes carrying out the humanitarian air drops are accompanied by fighter jets authorized to intervene in the case of attack. If anything, some critics say the actions taken by Obama are fine as far as they go, but still suggest a president dangerously reluctant to face the IS threat head on and to take the broader steps that defeating IS would require. The presidents authorization of airstrikes is appropriate, but like many Americans, I am dismayed by the ongoing absence of a strategy for countering the grave threat ISIS poses to the region, House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement Friday. Vital national interests are at stake, he added, yet the White House has remained disengaged despite warnings from Iraqi leaders, Congress, and even members of its own administration. White House officials say the president does indeed have a long-term strategy, but they say it is rooted in a conviction that it will be the Iraqis themselves, through a unified and inclusive government, backed by capable Iraqi security forces, that will defeat the IS threat.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-intervenes-iraq-lessons-learned-benghazi-rwanda-200500861.html

Obama Authorizes Air Strikes as U.S. Drops Food in Iraq – Yahoo Finance

A woman gathers bread in a temporary displacement camp for Iraqis on Tuesday, June 24. An ISIS fighter takes control of a traffic intersection in Mosul on Sunday, June 22. An ISIS member distributes a copy of the Quran, Islam’s holy book, to a driver in Mosul on June 22. Members of ISIS patrol in Falluja, Iraq, on Saturday, June 21. “Peace Brigade” volunteers raise their weapons and chant slogans during a parade in the Shiite stronghold of Sadr City on Saturday, June 21, in Baghdad. The armed group was formed to protect Shiite holy shrines against possible attacks by Sunni militants.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/08/opinion/borger-obama-reluctant-warrior/index.html

Obama: Reluctant warrior puts US back in Iraq (Opinion) – CNN.com

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Obama Authorizes Air Strikes as U.S. Drops Food in Iraq By Margaret Talev and Tony Capaccio 49 minutes ago 0 shares Content preferences Done President Barack Obama said he authorized air strikes against militants in Iraq if they threaten U.S. personnel and dispatched planes to drop food and water for trapped civilians. Obama said the U.S.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/obama-authorizes-air-strikes-u-014356729.html

Obama interrupting summer vacation with trip to DC | Local News – WCVB Home

(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File) WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama is doing something unusual with his summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard: He’ll come back to Washington midway through the getaway to attend White House meetings. The president and his aides for years have fended off questions about the timing of his vacations by arguing that Obama is president at all times and can do the job wherever he is since he travels with the advisers and communications equipment he needs to carry out his duties. Obama is scheduled to arrive on the wealthy island off the Massachusetts coast on Saturday and return to Washington a week later, on Sunday, Aug. 17. Plans call for him to return to the Vineyard on Aug.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-interrupting-summer-vacation-trip-dc-081904112–politics.html

Obama Citing Genocide Overcomes War Wariness With Strikes – Bloomberg

Harold Koh, who was the State Departments top lawyer during the Libya campaign, said the Iraq mission is an example of Obama applying the same broad set of principles to shifting facts. As Obama has faced decisions on the use of force over the course of his presidency, Koh said, he has gravitated to missions where the nature of the operation is more pinpoint and has clear purpose, and the cause and effect is immediate. Call it Obamas reverse Peace Prize campaign. He won the award nine months into his presidency; now hes trying to live up to it. Obama Statement Obama made clear yesterday that the potential destruction of an ethno-religious minority — with children dying of dehydration on a mountaintop and, according to a Yezidi member of Iraqs parliament, women being sold into slavery — was a major part of his reason for using U.S. military force in Iraq again after refusing to do so in Syria and Ukraine. Islamic State forces have called for the systematic destruction of the entire Yezidi people, which would constitute genocide, the president said in remarks at the White House last night. Hes surrounded himself with a cast of humanitarian interventionists: Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, deputy national security advisers Ben Rhodes and Tony Blinken, and the U.S.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-08/obama-citing-genocide-overcomes-war-wariness-with-strikes.html

Obama interrupting summer vacation with trip to DC – Yahoo News

Spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama would meet with staff, but he declined to say who else would participate or what the meetings are about. “This is an opportunity for the president to do some in-person meetings visit their website here at the White House, just for a day or two, before he returns to Martha’s Vineyard,” Earnest said Thursday. Earnest sought to contain mounting speculation about the vacation, saying the meetings aren’t related to “an emerging situation.” Still, there are many brewing issues that could require Obama’s urgent attention, including fighting between Israel and Hamas militants, Russia’s buildup of troops along its border with Ukraine and the situation in Iraq, where a radical Islamist group seeks to tighten its grip on Iraq’s north. Even so, crises rarely have forced Obama to cancel a vacation. His advisers often appear to take pride in resisting calls from Republicans for the president to return to Washington or from fellow Democrats nervous about the appearance of Obama either vacationing or tending to what some may consider less urgent matters. “He travels with an array of communications equipment and national security advisers that will allow him to perform all of the functions that are required of America’s commander in chief,” Earnest said.
Source: http://www.wcvb.com/news/obama-interrupting-summer-vacation-with-trip-to-dc/27380696


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