The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Wisdomtree Earnings 500 Fund, Wisdomtree Midcap Earnings Etf, Wisdomtree Smallcap Earnings Etf, Wisdomtree Total Earnings Etf And Reliance Steel & Aluminum – Yahoo Finance

Volume is paltry as it exchanges less than 5,000 shares a day. The product holds a large basket of 1,420 stocks, which are pretty well spread out across each component like the other earnings counterparts. The top three sectors include information technology, financials and consumer discretionary. While the ETF is spread out across various market caps, it is still focused on large caps as these account for nearly 78% of the total. EXT is power shares double short euro etf up 5.5% in the year-to-date time frame. Reliance Steel Acquires UK Aluminum Company Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

First Trust Launches Short Maturity ETF – Yahoo Finance

2014-08-06_SPY D MTS First lets look at the day chart, which shows price breached the ideal ABCD target of 197.24 in an attempt to test an extension target of 199.31, but as soon as price failed to hold above 197.24, but rather broke down there, the retracement mode began. The ideal minimum retracement target is 189.30 region, and a hold at that level or failure to get there is a sign of strength. So from the bigger perspective, price is pulling back into support until proven otherwise. One of those proven otherwise clues is for price to hold below 194.27, then to hold below 191.30, then the bias from up to down increases in probability with a hold below 189.20. View gallery . 2014-08-06_SPY 20t MTS For the intraday perspective, Im using an STRenko 20 bar chart. This shows an extreme Bullish Crab harmonic pattern completed at 191.57 then attempted to bounce to the GRZ level 194.43, which is the ideal minimum retracement target. How much a harmonic pattern retraces tells a story failure to get to at least 38.2% is a sign of stall or weakness. As of Tuesday, August 5, 2014, price failed to reach that 194.43 level, although came close, then proceeded to retest that 191.57 level. Now were at an interesting juncture because price has dipped below that 191.57 two times on this bar size chart but has no conviction as of yet to hold below it. There are indications of weakness until price can hold above 192.61 first, then above 193.26 second. It is at this hold above 193.26 that the probability increases to test that 194.43 and if so, how price behaves there offers signals of how strong the bullish pattern is.

Nashville ETF Celebrates Big Milestone –

FTSM seeks to achieve its objectives by strategically laddering highly liquid investments over the near-term horizon. As market conditions change, the portfolio managers have the flexibility to strategically rotate among various market sectors while maintaining a focus on preservation of capital and liquidity, according to a statement issued by First Trust. The timing of FTSMs launch could prove to be fortunate as investors continue pour capital into short-term bond ETFs in preparation of rising interest rates. In 2013, short-term bond funds added $36 billion in new assets, whereas long-term funds saw $8.7 billion in outflows.

SPY Stalling After Shallow Retracement of Bullish Harmonic Pattern – Yahoo Finance

“We are pleased with the performance of the fund, which we believe reflects both the vitality of this specific economy and the fact that geographic ecosystems like Nashville add competitive value to companies based there.” Companies are weighted within the portfolio based on a proprietary formula that takes into account positive earnings and valuation metrics. NASH charges a net expense ratio of 0.49 percent as well. At the one-year mark, this ETF gained 14.60 percent in total return. That gain closely mirrors the 15.01 percent increase in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE: SPY ) over the same time period. The big question for NASH and other city-focused ETFs moving forward is whether investors will welcome these local markets or find them too narrow for investable assets. To date NASH has proven that it can keep up with the broad market, and future ETFs may be able to crack the code of appeal to a wider audience.

Fed gives Bank of America approval to proceed with suspended dividend increase, stock buybacks | Fox Business

For starters, Rupert Murdochs 21st Century Fox ( FOXA ) pulled its $75 billion takeover offer for Time Warner ( TWX ). The news sent shares of Fox surging while Time Warner, the largest holding in PBS, traded lower by as much as 11.5%. Time Warner management and its Board refused to engage with us to explore an offer which was highly compelling. Additionally, the reaction in our share price since our proposal was made undervalues our stock and makes the transaction unattractive to Fox shareholders. These factors, coupled with our commitment to be both disciplined in our approach to the combination and focused on delivering value for the Fox shareholders, has led us to withdraw our offer, Murdoch in a statement .

Time to Tune Into the Media ETF Again – Yahoo Finance

The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it has accepted the revised capital plan filed by the second-largest U.S. bank. Bank of America Corp. disclosed in April that it discovered the error, on the value of securities, in a financial report it submitted to the Fed. The data in the report were used to calculate results of an annual “stress test” of the bank conducted by the Fed this year.


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