Boehner Pens Op-ed Explaining Obama Lawsuit –

“It is utterly beneath the dignity of the office. I know the president is frustrated. I’m frustrated. The American people are frustrated, too.” Since confirming his plans to file a lawsuit accusing the president of overstepping his constitutional authority by using executive actions, Boehner has declined to say specifically which actions the House legislation will name in a bill to authorize the lawsuit. He has, however, repeatedly used Obama’s actions in implementing the Affordable Care Act, immigration policy, energy regulations and foreign policy as reasons for refusing to bring up a number of high-profile bills in the House, saying those actions made it impossible for Republicans to trust the president to enforce any law they do pass.

Obama Outhouse Parade Float Draws Criticism – ABC News

Photos of the float on social media and used by ABC News affiliate KLKN-TV in Lincoln, Neb., show a smiling President Obama wearing overalls outside a building that looks like an outhouse and is labeled the Obama Presidential Library. The Nebraska Democratic Party roundly condemned the float. “There is a level of respect for the office of the Presidency which should not be crossed,” Dan Marvin, NDP Executive Director, said according to KLKN-TV. “It’s beyond disappointing the City of Norfolk, Neb., it’s [sic] officials and citizens would allow such a thing.” Liz Guthrie, originally from Norfolk, told ABC News the crowd was laughing and clapping as the float went by. Her boyfriend Lance Harvey said he thought the float was simply political satire. Another woman, Glory Kathurima, told the Lincoln Journal Star she was “scared” by the display and kept repeating “That’s not OK,” as the float passed her.

Obama, Congress should have listened to me: Pickens

“All you have to do is switch natural gas over to the heavy-duty trucks.” Tuesday marks six years since he launched his ” Pickens Plan .” Originally unveiled on “Squawk Box” in 2008, it calls for the U.S. to move away from foreign oil and embrace booming domestic natural gas supplies to fuel transportation needs. Despite pretty broad support, the “Pickens Plan” failed to get Congress and President Barack Obama to act. “If [Washington] had gone with me six years ago, you figure you could probably had the job done in three to four years,” Pickens argued. “If that were the case, you would have cut out 75 percent of OPEC, because 8 million trucks converted to natural gas off of diesel is 3 million barrels a day.” Read More Why utility bills are not getting cheaper With more than a half century of experience in the oil and nat gas industry, Pickens spent most of his career building Mesa Petroleum into a powerhouse. After selling Mesa in 1996, he founded BP Capital Management, a hedge fund focusing on investments in the energy industry.

Obama highlights push for better skilled teachers – Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

The same data show that Latino students are three times as likely. “When a school or a school district or a set of schools in a disadvantaged community has disproportionate numbers of inexperienced teachers, that is not a good thing,” Duncan said. “You want a balance on any team. And what we are looking for is to increase effectiveness in disadvantaged communities.” Associated Press writer Darlene Superville contributed to this report. Follow Kimberly Hefling on Twitter: Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Obama To Unveil Border Control Funding Request: Spokesman | Fox Business

The funds are needed to pay for more immigration twitter judges and asylum officials to process the backlog of cases. “There is a view that is shared among both Democrats and Republicans that there is work that we can do to continue to secure the borders. And processing these cases through the immigration system is a part of that,” he said. Earnest said the supplemental would request funding for “some other things” but did not provide specifics. Copyright 2014 MarketWatch, Inc.


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