Obama Says Political Cynicism Could Hurt Democratic Turnout In November | Fox News

But he said the main cause for gridlock was fundamental differences between what Democrats believe and “what this particular brand of Republicans in Congress believes.” He said the gridlock in government has disillusioned many of the voters upon whom Democrats rely. “When they get discouraged they don’t vote,” he said. “We have to break out of that cycle, and that is what this election is about.” Obama emphasized the need to retain a Democratic majority in the Senate. With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in the audience, he also called for Democrats to make a push to recapture control of the House, though many party activists have little hope of achieving that. Obama was holding five fundraisers for the Democratic Party during a three-day California swing.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/05/08/obama-says-disquiet-breeds-political-cynicism/

The standards are expected to cut carbon emissions by about 158 million metric tons and save consumers over $26 billion through 2030, according to the White House. Google, Ikea, Apple, and a broad range of other private companies also announced solar and efficiency measures that together represent more than 850 megawatts of solar power deployed enough to power nearly 130,000 homes. Walmart pledged to double the number of on-site solar energy projects at its US stores, Sams Clubs, and distribution centers by 2020. We know from experience that investing in energy innovation allows us to save money, reduce carbon pollution, and create jobs, Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart U.S., said in a statement Friday. Every day, millions of Americans depend on us to watch every penny so that we can provide the best prices on products they love.
Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/Energy-Voices/2014/0509/Obama-gives-White-House-solar-panels-another-moment-in-the-sun

Obama turns to tech leaders for cash for Democrats
| Reuters

About 300 companies and local governments have recently signed on to an initiative to use more solar energy technology. But it seems nobody is completely satisfied with today’s announcements . The fact that President Obama used the notoriously union-busting Walmart to promote the number of companies of governments embracing solar is angering labor groups . But the White House seems to be trying to counter that negative attention from the left with an emphasis on a solar project that hits very close to home: the re-introduction of solar panels on the White House roof. But this isn’t the first time that the White House has tried to go company website a bit greener.
Source: http://gizmodo.com/president-obama-pitches-solar-power-at-silicon-valley-w-1574001021

Obama Touts Private And Public Efforts To Promote Solar And Energy Efficiency – Forbes

There is a list of home builders that offer solar energy installations, a list of schools, multifamily housing developments and retailers that have set energy efficiency goals, and several other lists to impress you. The plan represents the White Houses most comprehensive presentation yet on its effort on solar and will likely remain so for the rest of Obamas term. Heres the list of goals that Obama said hes aiming for with the plan: Build a skilled solar workforce Provide innovative financing for deploying solar Drive investment in energy upgrades to federal buildings Improve appliance efficiency Strengthen building codes The long list of funding from private and public sectors for boosting solar energy generation and making buildings more energy efficient totaled in the billions of dollars, according to the presentation. Obama promises that the IRS will soon clarify a rule about the real estate investment trusts (REITs) on whether or how renewable energy installations would qualify. Currently the interpretation of the rule is that only real property counts.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/uciliawang/2014/05/09/obamas-big-plan-on-private-and-public-efforts-to-promote-solar-and-energy-efficiency/

President Obama Pitched Solar Power At a Silicon Valley Walmart Today

Credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque Tech SAN JOSE, California (Reuters) – President Barack Obama warned tech leaders on Thursday to dig deep in their wallets to fund Democratic candidates and feel a sense of urgency about congressional elections in November or risk further gridlock in Washington and a failure to move on their priorities. Obama was the headline speaker at four California fund-raising events, raising his two-day total to five. His last was a Silicon Valley event in San Jose co-hosted by Y Combinator President Sam Altman and Yahoo Inc CEO Marissa Mayer. About 250 people paid between $1,000 and $32,400 to attend. During his remarks, Obama struck at the heart of the issue that Republicans are using against Democrats in their campaigns: The Affordable Care Act, the Obamacare law whose troubled rollout has given Obama’s political opponents much grist for criticism.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/09/us-usa-obama-politics-idUSBREA4711O20140509?feedType=RSS&virtualBrandChannel=11563

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